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There is a lot of stigma and stereotypes about Africa and African people that the children are subjected to and this makes them disconnect and feel ashamed of their African heritage. They are also inherent structural inequalities that seem to promote cultural assimilation as opposed to cultural integration and the project hopes to address some of these. The project also hopes to foster a sense of identity, pride and self-esteem in children of African origin by giving them an opportunity to showcase information about their roots and identity. A shared cultural heritage will also help to bond the members of the wider community and create a sense of belonging through community acceptance. The project also fits into national and local priorities as the issue of culture sits highly in the Scottish government strategy to strengthen, transform and empower communities through culture. (Scottish government 2020) “A Culture Strategy for Scotland”. The strategy realises the importance of valuing, protecting and nurturing culture through everyday life and how this transforms and is transformed by society:-


  • To promote cultural identity for children of African descent born in Scotland,

  • To capacity build young Afro-Scot people to be able to challenge stigma and stereotypes about Africa and African people.

  • The project hopes to promote cultural awareness and appreciation of mainstream and wider diverse cultures by appreciating that every community, cultural or ethnic group has its own values, beliefs and ways of living.

In the long term, the project hopes to:-

  • Create mentally well balanced African young men and women who will become better citizens in able to assume both their African and Scottish identities.

  • The project also hopes to create cultural awareness and appreciation of African and diverse cultures in children of African origin and the wider public.

  • The project also hopes to foster cultural and community integration by sharing the values, customs and histories characteristic of culture.

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